These are pictures of the Philips FA80 amplifier, its the Philips brother of the Marantz PM80, sold on the USs market. Unfortunately the pictures are of bad quality, but they are interesting to see!

I found this text at an Ebay action of a Philips FA-80:
"my first real stereo built around a Philips FA-80 integrated amplifier. The FA-80 was a hoot. It had 10 inputs (11 if you count the dedicated processor loop), switchable class A and A/B output stage, and a decent amount of "future proofing". Being from a time when Philips was trying to make inroads into hi-end in the states (and not the low end Wal-Mart brand it is today) this was a real amplifier with a huge power transformer, massive heat sinks and impressive power ratings. Not long after I bought this amplifier, the entire line was passed to the Marantz tag where I think it was renamed the PM-80. The nearest modern day equivalent is the PM-7000 (although similar in specification, feature wise the FA-80 leaves it in the dust) if you want to get a taste of what this amplifier was."