These are pictures of the Philips CDD522. Probably the best CD writer ever made.

The chassis and drive are identical to the chassis and drive of the Marantz CDR-1. If i am correct, the cd mechanism is a CDM14.

The chassis and cd mechanism look identical to the chassis and cd mechanism of the Marantz CDR-1. For comparison, see the 2 pictures of the Marantz CDR-1 below:

Technical data

120mm disc: 600mbytes/700mbytes
80mm disc: 200mbytes
Access time average 1/3 data(*): <1 sec
Data-transfer-rate (recording): 352,8 kbytes/sec sustained (n=2) 176,3(n=1)
Max.burst rate: 3.5mbytes/sec
Interface: SCSI 2
Form factor: Desktop
Data integrity from drive, assuming new discs 10-16
Data buffer: 2mb(8mb or 32mb option via additional SIMM memory modules)
Disc loading: tray
Dimensions (wxhxd): 109x420x334mm
Weight max: 7,7kg
Power dissipation: max 30W

Operating temp: 5 to 40ºC
Non operating temp: -40 to 70ºC

MTBF(hours): 25.000 POH

Media: CD-R conf. "Orange Book" part II

Certification: FCC, Compliance: Class B, UL, CSA, CEBEC

(*) after spin up, including latency and command overhead