This is a very special item. This is a Philips CD100 prototype, nr. 29.

The previous owner of This Philips CD100 prototype was someone who worked at Philips. He has kept this prototype ever since.
This Philips CD100 prototype features double ceramic pre-production prototype TDA1540 dacs and a handmade pre-production Philips CDM0 cdmechanism.

This prototype has the audio cables attached to the player. The later production Philips CD100 featured analoge outputs and was provides with seperate audio cables.

This prototype looks good, it has some smaller scratches, but overall it looks good.
With this prototype you get a Philips CD100/00 box. The box was not supplied but i still had it. I also have original shippingscrews to secure the CDM0 and an original Philips CD100 manual (both not provide by the previous owner).

And the best thing: this prototype still works 100%! All LED indicator work and it still plays CD's. And the sound is...just beautiful!!

Enjoy the video and photos!