The Philips CDI-180 is an advance-technology CD-I player module that has been purpose designed as part of a sophisticated Philips CD-Interactive System. This user-friendly system fully exploits the tremendous information capacity of the standars 12-cm/5.1/4-inch compact disc format. It will also play CD audio discs and the audio section of CD-video media.

The function of the Philips CDI-180 Player is to accept the CD-I disc, read it out - under the control of the Multi Media Controller (MCC) - then supply an appropriate digital signal output to the MMC for processing. The output from the MMC is displayed on a suitable video/TV monitor which presents the CD-I program under the direct control of the user. The user-friendly design concepts of the CDI-180 maximize the exploitation of the CD-I media but minimize man/machine interfacing. The CD-I player system is intended primarily for use in institutional and professional applications, suc as education, trainig and electronic publishing.

- Part of the Philips Modular CD-I system
- Operates with the CDI-181 Multi Media Controller
- User-friendly ergonomic design concepts
- Plays CD-Interactive and CD-audio discs
- Easy disc loading and storage with caddy
- Fully modular configuration
- Occupies minimal desk space
- Providdes digital readout data for processing
- Meets internationally accepted CD-I standards