I am a great Philips and Marantz enthuastic. The period from the mid eighties untill the late nineties is the most interessting for me. I have a great interest for the cooperation between Philips and Marantz and the products as result of that cooperation, like the LHH cd-players.

Besides that i have a great interest for prototypes and hard to find equipment. I am very lucky to own 3 unique components: the Philips LHH-2000 Professional Compact Disc System, the Philips SCD-2000 multichannel SACD prototype and Philips DAT880 DAT recorder prototype.

Most of the photos of hifi equipment you see on this website are shot by myself. I love to buy hifi equipment and document it by taking photos of the outside and inside, and searching for technical information. I used to search on the internet for information about 'special' equipment like the Philips LHH cdplayers, but never found the information i needed. Thats why i decided to build a website on which i could place information to share with other enthoustiacs

Most of the information on this website comes from brochures and magazines. I have a large collection of Philips and Marantz brochures, cataloques and hifi-magazines. I also use some photos from other website. In that case the source is always mentioned.

If you have photos of Marantz and/or Philips components and you would like to see them on my website, dont hesitate to Contact me. If you would like to make a donation, just press the 'PayPal make donation' button at the top of this page. I would be very gratfull! :)

I hope you will enjoy the photos and information you see on this website!

DutchAudioClassics.nl is a "fan" site, and is not associated with Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., D&M Holding Inc of any hifi dealer or manufacturer.

A small portion of my collection: