The Marantz CD23 was part of the Music-Link series. It was probably also Marantz's flagship CD player before being discontinued and replaced by the current CD7. Special versions of the CD23 include the CD23LTD and the CD23DLTD.

A very compact top loading design, the CD23 features full diecast alloy chassis and a very unusual (and somewhat amusing) glass top cover that is shaped like a shallow dome. The top cover fits snugly onto a corresponding circular depression on the top of the unit and is decoupled with a rubber compound strip that runs around the circumference, the latter also sealing the spinning CD within the cover from air-borne vibration. This novel approach is however not very convenient, the user having to place the not-too-light glass cover carefully somewhere else while loading CDs.

A gold-plated magnetic puck secures the CD to the spindle hub of a Philips CDM9 Pro mechanism that is itself housed in a very neat metal sub-chassis, which in turn is suspended and isolated from the main chassis.

The D/A convertors are DAC7s, Philips bitstream flagship chips, operating in dual differential configuration. Marantz's HDAM stages are also incorporated.

The sound of the CD23 is smooth, rich and mellow; typical of more recent Marantz players, but perhaps developed to the best effect compared to the lower models. Good soundstaging is another virtue easily noted. Another characteristic is its unfatiguing sound quality that allows for easy long listening sessions. It is interesting to compare the CD23 to the CD10, which also uses the same D/A chips but a CDM4/D36 mechanism. The CD10 is on the other hand crisp and detailed, with plenty of attack in the bass but can sometimes sound a little too bright and unforgiving.

The CD23 is also a very good transport via its coaxial digital output. It brings out the best of any good standalone D/A convertor connected to it.


Size of the necessary minimum, high class the CD player of the music link series which aims toward the music playback ability of pure audio itself.

CDM-9 Pro of 1 beams [suuinguamu] mechanism which has reliability in height of trace precision is adopted to mechanism.

DAC7 of bit stream system is adopted to the D/A converter.

In order to obtain high [surureto] SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO, NEW HDAM which furthermore improves Marantz individual HDAM total 2 is adopted to the analog section. With NEW HDAM, with the copper plated case we designate 2 layer baseplate which the seal is done as 4 layer, because of this acceleration and stability and SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO of the circuit have improved.

Toroidal power trance is adopted to the power source section.

We adopt top loading system to installation of the disk, we adopt the clamp which becomes independent with the glass lid of manual operation, have become the unique silhouette.

Type Compact disk player
Channel Channel 2
D/A conversion system 1bit linear/channel
Frequency characteristic Line Out (RCA): 20Hz~20kHz 0.2dB
Wow and flutter Crystal precision
Output level/impedance Line Out (RCA): 2VRMS/150O
Conformity load impedance Line Out (RCA): Above 10kO
Digital output Coaxial: 0.5Vp-p/75O
Electric power consumption (electric supplies control method) 18W
Maximum external size Width 250 height 130 depth 280mm
Weight 5.0kg
Attachment Remote control