Specifications Marantz 64 mkII amplifier

Output performance
Power output 8 ohm (FTC): 100 Watt
Power output 4 ohm (FTC): 105 Watt
Power output 8 ohm (DIN): 115 Watt
Power output 4 ohm (DIN): 160 Watt
Power output 8 ohm (IHF): 146 Watt
Power output 4 ohm (IHF): 225 Watt
Power output 2 ohm (IHF): 300 Watt
Total harmonic distorion (8ohm): 0.02%
Intermodulation: 0.02%
Damping Factor: 100
pre-amplifier output: -

Inputs phono magn
IEC/RIAA characteristics: ±0.5dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 86dB
Sensitivity/Impedance: 2.5mV/47kOhms

Inputs phono dyn.
Sensitivity/Impedance: 25µV/100Ohms

Inputs CD/AUX/TV/Video
Sensitivity/Impedance: 150mV/20kOhms
Signal to Noise Ratio: 96dB
Frequency response: 10Hz-70kHz ±1dB

Dimensions (wxhxd): 416x146x334mm
Netto weight: 12.5kg

Version N und T: 220V/240V
Version E: 110V-240V