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From the 1974 brochure:

"The benefits of Marantz Electrostatic Headphones are as crystal clear as the sound you get. The Marantz SE-1S performs virtually free from distortion - not just at 1kHz or 10kHz, but consistently throughout the listening range. The result: Sound quality as close to perfect as technolically possible. An unsupassed frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz, full dynamic range and the ability to achieve high sound pressure levels with low frequencies.

The Marantz SE-1S owes its superiority to an electrostatic transduver diaphragm that's unequalled in its ability to track the audio signals from your amplifier. The diaphragm is six times thinner than the human eardrum and so low in mass that inertia is all but eliminated. The less inertia a diaphragm has, the more accrately and instantaneously it can track audio signals. And the better its tracking ability, the lower its transient distortion. That means you can listen longer without suffering listening fatique. And the lightweight design incorporating soft ear cushions and accoustical seals lets you wear them comfortably for hours.

Marantz Stereo Electrostatic Headphones are powered by the Marantz EE-1 Energizer - a combination that makes the Marantz SE-1S the ultimate audio experience.
  • The Marantz EE-1 needs only .3 watt for a 100dB sound pressure level, so it's at home with any amplifier. If severely overdriven, a protection circuit automatically shuts the energizer off - without an irritating pop.
  • Its set-up transformers feature special cores developed by Marantz to provide excellent linearity and low distortion.
  • It accepts two Marantz SE-1S headphones so you can share the pleasure of private listening. An headphone/speaker switching is built-in.
  • The Marantz SE-1S Stereo Electrostatic Headphone System costs $129,95. It's the top of the Marantz line that also includes Marantz Dynamic Headphone Systems from $39,95. Get our informative headphone brochure at your Marantz dealer. And try on a pair."

From the operating manual:

"Room acoustics and speaker placement play an important role in speaker sound reproduction. Because of this, speakers, in general, leave much to be desired. Headphones, on the other hand, are not affected by these factors.

A headpheon, like a speaker, is a device used to convert electrical energy into acoustical energy.

In Dynamic headphones, the voice coil is suspended in a magnetic field. When current is applied to the voice coil, it causes the voice coil/diaphragm assembly to move within that field, following the alternations of the applied current, thus converting the electrical energy into acoustical energy. The sound pressure waves emitted from the voice coil/diaphragm assembly are transmitted to the ear, recreating the origibal performance.

The diaphragm assembly of a headphone is physically smaller when compared to that of a speaker. However, the mass of this assembly greatly influences the headphone performance, ultimately determining its frequency response and sound characteristics.

The Marantz SE-1S diaphragm assembly has an extremely low mass - about one two-thousandth that of the average dynamic headphone voice coil/diaphragm assembly. The diaphragm consist of an extremely thin metalized membrane, which is positioned within the gap formed bu two metal plates. The diaphragm and plates from a capacitor. A polarizing voltage is applied between the plates and the diaphragm. This polarizing voltage is modulated by the audio signals and the changes in the polarizing field is intensity, which causes changes in the forces acting upon the diaphragm; resulting in diaphragm motion. this motion faithfully follows the input signal because the electrostatic headphone's diaphragm has an extremely low mass. The absence of resonant characteristics in the SE-1 electostatic diaphragm results in a smooth frequency repsonse. An automatic protection circuit is built into the Marantz EE-1 energizer to prevent damage to the headphone and to keep the maximum sound level from exceeding 115dB. The Marantz SE-1 system will accept up to 16 Volts before the EE-1 energizer protection circuit is actived."