Stereoplay - 11/1997
Der Große Marantz spielt je nach Musik ebenso dynamisch wie elegant und wird dabei trotz hoher Ausflösung niemals aufdringlich
Klangurteil: überagend, 29 Punkte.

Stereo - 11/1997
Marantz Top-Player CD-14 ist mit 11 kilogramm Gewicht alles andere als eine "Mogelpackung". Gehäuse und Elektronik sind aufwendig und bis ins Detail perfekt verarbeitet. Das Klangbild besticht durch Dynamik, Festigkeit und hohe Ausflösung. Die Metallfernbedienung ist das Tüpflechen aud dem "i".
Testurteil: Exzellent ***

CD quality for the connoisseur
Designed to perform at very high standars with the enormous knowledge and heritage of Marantz. This luxuriously finished component embodies all we know about creating great audio equipment.An absoliute must for the music lover.

Double differential DAC-7
The Marantz CD14 incorporates seperate double differential DAC-7 convertors per channel which virtually eliminates all crosstalk, noise and hum. Bitstream D/A conversion works by converting the simple on/off status of a single bit into an unbroken stream of pulses. The pulses cause switched capacitor circuits to smoothly charge and discharge, thereby producing a glitch-free analogue replica of the digital signal. By using this principle, the zero-crossing distortion of multi-bit D/A convertors is eliminated and DAC linearity is assured.

Philips CDM12.1 cd mechanism
To perform according the highest standards, the Marantz CD14 is equippred with the highly reliable CDM1201 mechnism. This mechanism has a 3-beam holographic optical pickup, providing excellent stability. It offers an unique low-mass actuator for fast, accurate focusing and radial tracking, low power consumption and high shock resistance.

Current Conversion Noise Elimination
Continued research has revealed a new area of refinement: the power supply noise. Marantz has developed the Current Conversion Noise Elimination (CCNE), which improves the mid-band to high frequency signals, through a clear elimination of high frequency distortion in the amplifier output. This offers the listener a sweeter sound with imporved high frequeny definition.

Only the best is good enough! In order to use equipment from several brnds together in one system, the audio industry made a signal pre-out standard. To convert the audio signal to this specification, every audio device has been equipped with Op-amps (operational amplifiers) for which integrated circuit are commonly used. Unfortunately these IC's do not match the very high requirements of Marantz. Marantz developed it's own discrete circuitboards. These HDAM's consists of discrete surface mount components with short mirror inage L/R signal paths. These devices are doing exactly the same thing as Op-amps, but outperform the regular integrated circuit Op-amps dramatically in terms of Slew rate, resulting in a much more dynamic, accurate and detailed sound.

Customised components
Every Marantz product is designed with a fine ear and eye for details. The designers have to know the characteristics of every component. On paper the component might look excellent but the result may fall short of the combined design expectations. Therefore Marantz collects vast amounts of information upon specifics component performance capabilities. Marantz selects the appropiate components for the specific design application. The sonic result is then critically acclaimed by international reviewers. In other cases it's simply not possible to use standard components that meet the high Marantz standards. These components will then be specially made for Marantz only in co-operation with the Marantz engineers.

Balanced analogue outputs
A lot of problems can occur during audio signal transportation from source to amplicication. To decrease the risk of disturbance, our top-end Marantz CD14 cd-player has the ability of balanced output connections. The audio signal is than transported twice with opposite phase. Difference signal of both signals represents the original audio signal. If disturbance occurs, both signals will be disturbed in the same way but the difference siganl remains the same, resulting in a pure and audiophile audio signal.

- Differential 1 bit DAC-7 convertor
- Philips CDM12.1 cd mechanism
- Current Conversion Noise Elimination (CCNE)
- Dual HDAM
- Variable analogue output
- Balanced analogue output
- Gold plated terminals
- Copper plated chassis
- Super ring Toroidal power transformer
- Customised components

- Top-end bitstream D/A converter working in opposite phase, offering the most superb and detailed soundstage and accuracy
- Top-End CD mechanism offering highly accurate tracking and extremely low jitter
- Improvement of the mid-band to high frequency signals by eliminating high frequency distortion
- High slew rate and superb dynamics characterise the unique Marantz HDAM amplifier stges
- Relative volume control of the CD players output level enables volume control even when the amplifier does not allow any remote operation
- Best possible audio transfer connection by using two identical audio lines in opposite phase
- Non-tarnishing connectos allow low connection resistance for minial losses
- Intensive shielding eliminates all possbile radiation interference which can have a negative effect on the sound quality
- Ultra low vibration and leakage flux keep the signal sharp and minimises internal electro magnatic distortion
- Special selection of components to give the best possbile quality

Specifications Marantz CD14 CD-Player

Audio Characteristics
Channels: 2 channels
Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
Quantization:  16-bit linear/channel
Error correction: CIRC
D/A conversion: 1-bit linear/channel (2x tda1547)
Error correction: TDA1307
Wow and flutter: Precision of quartz

Optical Readout System
Laser: CaAIAs semiconductor
Wavelength: 780nm
Transport: Philips CMD12.1

Frequency Characteristics
Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz
Dynamic range: >98 dB
S/N ratio: >110 dB
Channel separation (1 kHz): >103 dB
THD (1kHz): 0.0015%

Analog output
Output level (unbalanced): 2.2V rms
Output level (balanced): 4.4V rms
Output impedance: 250 ohms

Digital output
Output level (cinch JACK): 0.5 Vp-p/75 ohms
Output level (optical): -19 dBm

Digital input
Input level (cinch JACK): 0.5 Vp-p/75 ohms
Input level (optical): -19 dBm

Power supply
/02 version: 115/230V AC 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 16W

Cabinet etc.

Width: 458mm
Height: 110mm
Depth: 369mm
Net weight: 11kg