The LE begins life in a Dutch Marantz factory as a nice if mass market solid state machine. The Marantz LE costs approximately 25% more than its predecessor, the CD6000.

The power transformer, although appearing to be identical, is upgraded by the use of oxygen free copper. The low pass section has eliminated opamp IC's in favor of Marantz's proprietary HDAM module, which has been encased in copper to reduce interference. Some of the capacitors have been upgraded to "audiophile quality" Elna units.
The captive power cord has been upgraded with additional shielding to reduce interference, for increased low level resolution. While the SE appears cosmetically identical to its predecessor, it has additional shielding and damping materials inside the chassis to reduce electrical interference as well as vibrations. The LE weighs in at 12 lbs, about 30% more than the model it replaces. The player has a total of five transformers, three for the power supply and 2 for the audio circuits. Around back is a pair of RCA outputs, as well as both optical and coaxial digital outputs for connecting to a CD recorder or outboard digital to analog converter.
Finally, there are two remote RCA connectors for use with a remote controlled Marantz receiver or preamp, so that either unit would operate the CD player as well.

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