The PMD601 offers digital, high quality, portable recording for a very acceptable price. The recording system is based on the Philips DCC standard. The recording format is MPEG-1.

XLR Stereo balanced Mic in
10 hours Rec/Play with one charge of batteries
Line in
Coax digital in
Optical in
RCA line out
Optical out
Headphones out
Direct telephone connection
Manual/auto record level control
Extended market recording
Dolby B noise reduction for analog playback
Leather carring case + AC mains adaptor included

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Specifications Marantz pmd601 professional portable DCC recorder

   Digital signal format
Tape recording system:   Digital Compact Cassette
Sampling frequencies:   48kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz (selected automatically)
Coding format:   PASC
No. of channels   2 channel steroe

   Audio performance
Frequency response:  
fs:44.1kHz   20Hz - 20kHz +0.5/-1.5dB
fs:48kHz   20Hz - 22kHz +0.5/-1.5dB
fs:32kHz   20Hz - 14.5kHz +0.5/-1.5dB
S/N ratio:   >92dB
Dynamic Range:   >108dB
Wow and flutter:   Quartz crystal precision

   Compact cassette
Track format:   4 track 2 channel stereo
Frequency range:   20Hz - 18kHz
S/N ratio (Cr02):   >50dB

Digital out:   optical
Analog out:   RCA pin jack
Line output level:   1.0V (20kOhm)
Phones/remote:   3.5 mm jack
Output max output power:   10mW + 10mW (16Ohm)
Digital/Mic/Line:   3.5 mm jack
Input: digital input   optical/coaxial
MIC XLR input:   XLR 5 pins