Specifications Marantz PM15
The massive metal casing, the massive copper feet and the coppercoated die-casting chassis prevent mechanical and electrical interferance in the signal of the music

To prevent crosstalk and to keep the clarity in the signal, the preamplifier, phonosection and poweramplifier has been placed separated.

The power supply unit with its low ohm radiating is an unlimited source of energy

DIN-output at 8/4 Ohm: 170/280W
RMS-output at 8/4 Ohm: 150/240W
Dynamic output at 8/4/2 Ohm: 180/310/420W
Total harmon distortion: 0,005%
Damping factor: 300
Signal-to-noise ratio CD/Phono(MC/MM): 111/90/97dB
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 60kHz
Channel separation: >85dB

Weight (kg): 32

Number of inputs: 7
Phono: MC/MM
Tape in/out: 2
Rec-out: full, off, rec out selector
Tape monitor: yes
Goldplatet RCA connectors: all
Speakerterminals: 1
Finish: Goldfinish