With the Marantz SRl4mkII, Marantz immediately stepped into the highest segment of Home Theatre systems. Offering state-of-the-art features like THX Surround EX together with a massive powerhlock to drive loudspeakers with tremendous control and ease. And most of all, Marantz used the heritage to really hit the highest standards in regards to audiophile quality, even when using the Marantz SR14mkII as stereo amplifier.

THX Surround EX
THX Surround EX brings a new dimension of depth, spacious ambience and sound localization to home theatre audio. The overall effect is one of phenomenal sonic realism, an audible sense of "being there" that has never before been realized in a home theatre environment. Available exclusively in THX-licensed Ultra Series products, THX Surround EX is a process that decodes a back surround signal from the left and right surround channels on specially encoded DVD movie releases.

THX Ultra
Home THX Audio Systems, developed by George Lucas' THX Division, have become the world's standard for film enjoyment in the home. Now in its 15th year, THX licenses its patented technology to leading A/V and PC manufacturers worldwide. The legendary training program has certified more than 1300 dealers as among the highest qualified to sell and install Home THX products. THX also certifies home video software through the THX Digital Mastering Program, ensuring that DVD software, laser discs and VHS videotapes provide the best image and sound quality possible through the use of patented THX technology and unique quality control expertise. Only audio systems applying to the highest requirements can be certified with the THX Ultra specification. In line with our philosophy Marantz only applies to the highest standards.

Dolby Digital / DTS
High quality "auditorium" sound in the home, that's what's offered by Dolby Digital! The Dolby Digital or AC-3 audio information, is mixed by the Film studio and is added to the video information as compressed digital information. Cinemas all over the world are supporting the system and the Dolby Digital audio information is added to the DVD-format as standard. The format offers 5 fully independent high quality channels and the sixth channel subwoofer information is provided. Apart from the Dolby Digital information, DVD software can also contain Digital Theater System (DTS) audio information. The compressed digital information offers five fully independent high quality channels together with a sixth subwoofer channel. DTS offers superb live experience and adds breathtaking effects to the film.

4bit 96 KHz D/A convertor
The 24-bit 96 kHz DAC provides the highest audio resolution. With 24-bit quantization and 96 kHz sampling rates, it produces finer, more richly textured sound than ever before. The advanced DAC provides unsurpassed signal-to-noise ratios during playback of high resolution DVD Video discs.

Despite the introduction of DVD, Laserdisc still remains very populair to a large group of enthusiasts. To enjoy the Dolby Digital AC-3 sound of the laserdisc, the digital information has to be converted by a Dolby Digital decoder. As the digital signal at the output is modulated, the special RF-input is needed.

Universal Touchscreen remote
The increase of the amount of features has also increased the complexity of the remote control. For the person who likes to have a clear control of his system a custom made remote will provide the solution. The touchscreen option is the best answer. A large LCD screen shows the a variety of menu's with functions you can select. Pressing the screen softly is enough to activate the command. These menu's are fully customisable to your own demands. Even the graphics are fully adjustable! Another great possibility is to program so called macro's to activate multiple commands when pressing just one button. Easy if you want to switch the power on and off of all you equipment at the same time. Ease of use to the max!

Multiple source Multiroom
Wouldn't it be nice when multiple people in multiple rooms can enjoy there own favorite music without having to install an additional audioset? This is possible with Multiple Source Multiroom! With the Marantz audiosystem placed in the main room of the house, a second loudspeakersystem can be placed at a separate room. In those rooms separately a audiosource can be selected at two different soundlevels, even with full remote controlled functionality in combination with the IR92 of Marantz. Not only sound but even video signals can be handled in such a way that in the separate room a video source with OSD feature can be selected.

5.1 Channel pre-out
Marantz AV amplifiers or AV receivers offer a solid power output by standard. But, there will always be situations in which the power will not be enough. In such cases more powerfull amplifiers can be connected. Another possible use of these outputs is by using a separate decoder in case of upgrading to the latest technologies.

Only the best is good enough! In order to use equipment from several brands together in one system, the audio industry made a signal pre-out standard. To convert the audiosignal to this specification, every audio device has been equipped with Op-amps (operational amplifiers) for which integrated circuit are commonly used. Unfortunately these IC's do not match the very high requirements of Marantz. Marantz developed it's own discrete circuitboards. These HDAM's consists of discrete surface mount components with short mirror image L/R signal paths. These devices are doing exactly the same thing as the Op-amps, but outperform the regular integrated circuit Op-amps dramatically in terms of the Slew Rate, resulting in a much more dynamic, accurate and detailed sound.

Relay Switched Input Circuit
Audiosignal switches are extremely vulnerable for dust, causing distortion of the original signal. In general switches and soundcontrols are common sources of noise. Therefore Marantz is using special Relais Switched Input Circuits. These Relais are electronic switches with high quality contacts in a dustfree environment. A pure and noise free audiosignal is the result.

Symmetric Circuit Architecture
To achieve the best possible sonic performance, signal paths need to be short, direct and mirror imaged. The construction of our circuitry provides improved stereo image by ensuring symmetry between right and left channel layout, including separate L/R solid heatsinks. Rigid die-cast chassis and solid metal construction creating an anti-resonant environment.

Linear Drive Power Supply
Marantz' Linear Drive Power Supply (LDPS) makes sure that there will always be enough power available to drive the speakers even with the very highest dynamics. The LDPS also enables the amplifier to drive difficult speaker loads.

Modifications details compared to the SR14
- THX Surround EX
- RC5010 touch screen remote