This ia a player for the die hard lovers of British cottage industry. For the people who get excited about the Mini Morris, the original from 25 years ago I mean. If you don't mind hand painted PCB tracks - this is just for you.

Cambridge CD2 was made as an attempt on cost -no -object -but -reasonably priced - looks -unimportant player. It is simple yet sophisticated, just what we like.

As in CD3 - the four dacs are sitting on four individual assembly boards. Each chip is powered in parallel, but the digital feed is NOT parallel. Each board gets the respective signal shifted by 1/4 of the "tact". Each chip has his own decoupling caps - very very nice and large 220 nF MKP's. Each board has one opamp per channel (double) giving together 16 single opamps per player.

Forget the Non-S1 variant - it is not a problem because paralleling takes care of that. S1, S2 or non-S - makes no difference. The 4 DACS provide some new dimension to our well familiar TDA sound. It becomes so full, so rich, so deep and poweful - it is really scary. Arguably - this may be the best TDA player ever, rivalled only by the Sony 555ESD, Naim CDS-1, Marantz 94 and the ARCAMs.

Including its original remote and shippingscrews.

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