Every aspect of the design and construction of the PM17mkII Modified KI stereo amplifier has received Ken Ishiwata's personal attention to attain uncompromized quality. The copper-plated chassis and rear panel reduce signal-degrading electromagnetic interference, while its rigid die-cast chassis and solid aluminium case virtually eliminate mechanical vibration. A single push-pull power amp block with short, symmetrical paths, separate left and right heatsinks, HDAM and Current Feedback ensure dynamic sound and perfect stereo imaging.

Its low impedance, wide-bandwidth power supply ensures a massive reserve of energy, to drive even difficult speakers with ease. A pre-out option provides the possibility to switch to higher powered BTL amplification in combination with the SM-17.

Understand the vision
The KI-series are the embodiment of the knowledge and inspired vision of Ken Ishiwata. To understand his vision best, just experience this exquisite piece of equipment.

Current feedback amplification

Unlike conventional Voltage feed back amplification, the Current feedback amplification makes the power amplifier insensitive to difficult loudspeaker loads.

Linear Drive Power Supply (LDPS)
Marantz' Linear Drive Power Supply (LDPS) makes sure that there will always be enough power available to drive the speakers even with the very highest dynamics.

Super Ring transformer
The power supply of any amplifier is like the heart of the product and is therefore the most expensive to produce. Therefore for all Marantz Premium KI products Super Ring power transformers are used. These transformers have a higher efficiency then ordinary laminate designed transformers coupled with the advantage of extremely low electromagnetic radiation. Therefore noise and hum into surrounding circuitry is reduced to the absolute minimum. The sonic result speaks for itself.

Only the best is good enough! In order to use equipment from several brands together in one system, the audio industry made a signal pre-out standard. To convert the audio signal to this specification, every audio device has been equipped with Opamps (operational amplifiers) for which integrated circuit are commonly used. Unfortunately these IC's do not match the very high requirements of Marantz. Marantz developed it's own discrete circuit boards. These HDAM's consists of discrete surface mount components with short mirror image L/R signal paths. These devices are doing exactly the same thing as the Op-amps, but outperform the regular integrated circuit Op-amps dramatically in terms of the Slew Rate, resulting in a much more dynamic, accurate and detailed sound.

WBT terminals
WBT is a specialised company which is fully dedicated towards designing and producing high quality audio connectors. Their products are fully accepted as the reference for audiophile products. For this reason Marantz equips our premium products with WBT connectors.

Current Conversion Noise Elimination (CCNE)
Continued research has revealed a new area of refinement: the power supply noise. Marantz has developed the Current Conversion Noise Elimination (CCNE), which improves the mid-band to high frequency signals, through a clear elimination of high frequency distortion in the amplifier output. This offers the listener a sweeter sound with improved high frequency definition.

Customised components
Every Marantz product is designed with a fine ear and eye for details. The designers have to know the characteristics of every component. On paper the component might look excellent but the result may fall short of the combined design expectations. Therefore Marantz collects vast amounts of information upon specifics component performance capabilities. The result guarantees Marantz selects the appropriate components for the specific design application. The sonic result is then critically acclaimed by international reviewers. The PM-17mkII'M' KI has a fully copper plated chassis for minimal disturbance from electro-magnetic radiation. It also incorporates black anodized heat sinks for improved heat dissipation and new, Gold Tune, main capacitors. Furthermore oxygen free copper wiring is used for a clearer, more detailed bass performance and a more convincing and realistic musical detail. In the design all circuits are engineered to be as short as possible, while the the lay-out is symmetrical for minimized interference and a faithfull sound stage.

D.Bus & system remote control
To optimise equipment in terms of ease of use, Marantz has designed the D.Bus system. Individual devices inform each other in order to automatically tune to the customers demands. At the same time received remote control commands are communicated via this bus. This enables equipment without IR-receiver, like a cassette deck or tuner, to be controlled via the amplifiers' System Remote Control.

KI modifications:
• Copper plated chassis
• Improved transformer
• Improved mains elco's
• Customised components

Channels 2
Current Feedback Topology •
Class A Amplification -
Linear Drive Power Supply •
Power Transformer Super-Ring
HDAM • (copper)
Symmetric PCB Layout •
Copper Plated Chassis •
High Grade Audio Components •
Costomised Components •
BTL possibility -
Balance / Bass / Treble / Loudness •/•/•/-
Source Direct •
Separate Solid Heat Sinks •
Speaker A/B -
Record Selector: full / copy-source •/-
Tape Monitor •
Temperature Gauge •
Standby Mode -

Audio Inputs7
Phono input: MM/MC •/•
Audio Outputs 2
Balanced In/Out -/-
External Control In (Composite) -
Processor In/Out -
Pre-out / Main-in •/•
D-Bus In/Out •
Gold plated cinch •
Speaker Terminal: WBT
AC Outlets (Not for UK Model) -
Headphone Out •

Power Output (8/4 Ohm RMS) 60/100 Watts
Power Output (8/4 Ohm DIN) 72/115 Watts
Power Output (8/4 Ohm IHF) 75/125 Watts
Frequency Response 5Hz-70kHz (+0,-1dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01%
Bridged Power Output (8 Ohm RMS) -
Damping Factor 100
Input Sensitivity: MM 2.5mV / 22kOhm
Input Sensitivity: MC 230ėV/100Ohm
Input Sensitivity: High level 220mV /22kOhm
Signal to Noise Ratio MM/MC/High Level   90/76/112 dB
Channel Separation: 1kHz / 10kHz >74/>66 dB

Color Gold / Platinum / Black
Metal Front Panel •
Remote Control RC-17mkIIPM
System Remote Function System
Power Consumption 180W
Detachable Power Cable •
Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) 458x110x429 mm
Weight 16.0 kg