This Philips SACD1000 development sample was in the possession of Willem van der Brug. At the time, van der Brug was system architect of the Philips SACD1000 and did the EISA award presentation at the time.

Willem van der Brug:
The Philips SACD1000 development sample is 1 of the first Philips SACD1000s. This development sample was developed and assembled at Philips ASALAB (Advanced Systems and Applications laboratory). The cabinet and front come from a Philips DVD1000 because the fronts of the Philips SACD1000 were not yet ready,

The Philips SACD1000 was an entirely new design with analogue electronics from Marantz (HDAM). The digital piece was a design by Philips ASALAB . With the Philips SACD1000, the audio DAC clock was the master clock of the entire system (even DVD).Andrew Demery was involved in mastering SACD content.