LHH 7920 - The comprehensive CD archive for the fast and precise use of effects and noises

Wherever noises or sound effects are used and processed, the sound engineer faces three major problems:

  1. The sound quality of the original must be outside of any discussion, so that if it is used a lot, or if the sound is alienated (hide, filter, transpose), there is no loss of quality.
  2. The selection must not only be very large, the suitable sound should also be able to be localized quickly.
  3. Finally, the sound must be repeatable quickly and precisely.

These conditions are fully met by the CD noise archive. Even more, the CD archive also sets completely new standards for fast and precise sound and effects recording within the entire audio, video, film and theater production. The quick and reliable access with the highest and always constant sound quality - even after intensive and long use - make the CD noise archive unbeatable.

Philips LHH7920 - The comprehensive CD archive Stackable cassette carriers for 18 CDs facilitate the overview and quick access.

Extension of the previous archive LHH 7910

After the successful introduction of the LHH 7910 archive with a total of 28 CDs (over 3000 stereophonic noises), the LHH 7920 is now the first expansion with a total of 22 newly recorded CDs (over 2000 digitally recorded stereo noises). This makes the currently available total archive with 50 CDs the world's largest and best quality offer.

This extension also fulfills the desire for a larger selection of digitally recorded sounds and effects with European sound patterns. All events are clearly cataloged: Track, index, modulation length and recording method (digital or analog) are given for each event and thus make the selection easier. For users who are already working with the LHH 7910 archive, a complete catalog is available that includes the contents of all 50 CDs.

For the best noise effects, the best devices

Of course, the Sound Effect Compact Discs can be used on any CD player. However, for efficient work with the highest quality, we recommend the use of professional Studer or Philips CD players with frame-accurate cueing (13.3 ms) and direct track and index access.

We would be happy to send you information about our professional CD players on request.

Product information

  • LHH 7910 Geräuscharchiv, 28 CDs -
  • LHH 7950 Katalog für 28 CDs -
  • LHH 7920 Geräuscharchiv, 22 CDs -
  • LHH 7951 Katalog für 22 CDs -
  • LHH 7952 Gesamtkatalog für 50 CDs - 10241.185.00
  • LHH 7952 Gesamtkatalog für 50 CDs - 10241.185.00
  • LHH 7909 Demo CD, 1 CD -
  • Kassettenträger, stapelbar für jeweils 18 -