Reproduction of a stereo image as close as possible to the raw sound field. This is what Philips considers to be the requirement for a reference speaker. Philips has been preserving the traditions of European music and has been sending its dream of sound to audiophiles all over the world for nearly a century. Behind this passion for music reproduction is a solid track record in the production of music software, with a focus on classical music. The rich musicality and vivid reproducibility that can only be achieved through a thorough knowledge of the sound at the time of recording.

Philips Speaker System FB1000 FB880 FB825 FB821 FB815

The underlying design philosophy, which is uncompromising, is based above all on 'more accurate reproduction of the stereo image'. This results in excellent sound image localisation and an unparalleled dynamic range. From the ultra-low frequencies that reproduce a sense of sound field and scale with plenty of room to the ultra-high frequencies that are essential for the rise of sound, a beautiful total balance has been fostered by applying all the technologies cultivated. Of course, we have also paid thorough attention to eliminating unnecessary reflections and resonances that affect sound quality. Philips speaker systems reproduce even the most subtle details of the musical world. The feelings of the artists now begin to unfold in abundance.

Stable linearity at the smallest level, with an extended dynamic range that reproduces even the breath before a performance. Compact sound sources for accurate localisation of the sound image and an expanded frequency range. At Philips, we have managed to reconcile these conflicting themes. For example, to ensure sound image localisation, the Philips FB1000 is based on a 20cm 2-way system with a superwoofer and super tweeter significantly expands the frequency bandwidth.

The dynamic range of the Philips FB1000 is also generously wide, and linearity at the micro level has been rigorously pursued. The system realistically reproduces the buzz and tension in the hall before a performance, and even the breathtaking presence of the artists just before the start of the performance.

Philips FB1000 FB880 FB825 FB821 FB815 speaker system brochure
Philips FB1000 FB880 FB825 FB821 FB815 speaker system brochure

The expansive soundstage of an orchestra. Woofers that pursue low frequencies with a sense of scale and volume. Stereo image that reproduces the realism of a concert hall. It is dynamically reproduced by a bass range with depth and a rich sense of volume.

The woofer pursues sound quality at a high level by carefully selecting materials for everything from the magnet, which is the lifeblood of cone speakers, to the voice coil and magnetic circuit. The cone is soft-coated with a unique double-doping process to significantly reduce split resonance. By reproducing the low frequencies naturally and faithfully to the music signal, the expansion and depth of an orchestra are dynamically reproduced.

In addition, Philips' policy is to create sound that is not limited by enclosure size. For example, in the Philips FB880, a dedicated woofer with a unique arrangement of ferrite magnets has been developed. The Philips FB825 and Philips FB821 are equipped with twin drive woofers driven in parallel.

Philips FB880 speakers

The beautifully extended, delicate expression of stringed instruments and the the lustrous colours of wind music. The high frequency range unit is fitted with the unique ISO PHASE (high frequency) tweeter to reproduce the smooth grain of sound with greater fidelity and clarity, even in pianissimo.

The unique ISO PHASE tweeter is used in the high frequency unit (except FB815) to reproduce the smooth grain of the sound more faithfully. Non-inductive ribbons are printed on a polyimide thin-film diaphragm damped with micron glass fibre to form a large diaphragm membrane, resulting in an ultra-lightweight vibration system. Wide playback bandwidth and flat frequency response, which could not be achieved previously, are ensured, with no colouration. The system also has excellent phase and transient response, contributing to a rich stereo image. The sound quality is fresh and extended to the fullest extent.

Philips FB1000 FB880 speaker

In the Philips FB825, Philips FB821 and Philips FB815, a 10 cm cone screener covers the voice band, eliminating crossovers and overlapping from the critical range needed for reproduction. Eliminating overlapping, the FB825 delivers smooth, realistic midrange reproduction. It also conveys the vivid expression of the vocalist's voice. As with the woofer, the design places great importance on the reproduction of a rich, spacious soundstage, employing technologies such as heat-resistant voice coils and powerful magnetic circuits. The Enclosure is a compact, compact, and lightweight speaker. The Enclosure is imbued with a European sense of aesthetics.

The sophisticated styling is a valuable form of acoustic performance. The baffle is made of heavy MDF (Nedium Density Fibre) board for high density and strength. The in-line placement of all units in a straight line reproduces a more accurate stereo image. The network also uses high-grade parts, and every detail is designed in accordance with the Philips design philosophy that upholds European traditions. The speaker terminals are also designed with the same emphasis on sound quality.

The Philips FB1000's speaker terminals use a bi-wiring system. Independent signals for high and low frequencies. The Philips FB1000 can accommodate independent signal input for high and low frequencies, allowing you to enjoy a supreme, high-purity sound.

Philips FB825 FB821 FB815 speaker

The Philips FB880 also employs a unique bi-grounding system with separate return circuits for the high and low frequencies. This prevents interference caused by back EMF between units and ensures high quality sound. The connection terminals of all models are banana plug compatible. Furthermore, gold-plated treatment is applied (except Philips FB815), and other luxurious technologies for improved sound quality are fully utilised.

Speaker stand and spike kit (Philips FB880) for ideal sound field reproduction. The quality of the accessories is also of the highest standard. The speaker stand is also made of solid MDF board. It has an internal structure that can be filled with lead, sand or other materials in the box section, and the weight can be adjusted to suit your preference and environment. Spike kits are available to insert between enclosure and speaker stand, and between speaker and floor. This reduces the transmission of vibrations to the floor and provides a more accurate sound image localisation.

Philips FB1000 - 4-way speaker system

Standard price 600,000 yen - one unit (excluding tax)
High musicality and ideal sound field enveloped in European spirit.
An overwhelming stereo image achieved by an unparalleled dynamic range. The sound reproduces everything from the delicate sound of an oboe to the sense of scale of an orchestra. This is the pinnacle of home-use speakers from Europe. 4-way 4-speaker sealed system. Alnico magnetic circuits with double short rings are installed in the woofer and midbass. Realises low frequencies with an excellent sound image. Unique ISO PHASE transducer for mid and high frequencies.
transducers for the mid and high frequencies. Wide reproduction bandwidth and flat frequency range. Tall-boy type with excellent stereo image reproduction.
Bi-wiring compatible connection terminals. Spike kit included.

Philips FB880 - 2-way speaker system

Standard price 240,000 yen - one unit (excluding tax)
Philosophy of high-purity sound, inheriting the quality and philosophy of the Philips FB1000.
The fruit of European tradition and advanced technology. High-quality bookshelf speaker system that has reached the pinnacle of perfection as a speaker system. The wide sound field and deep depth reproduction with accurate sound image localisation bring quiet emotion to the listener's heart. 2-way 2-speaker sealed system. Newly developed woofer with a high volume low-frequency response that exceeds the size of the cabinet.
ISO PHASE tweeter for clear high frequencies and excellent stereo imaging.
Bi-grounding input terminals for high-purity sound quality.
Gold-plated banana plug compatible. Specific speaker stand and spike kit included.

Philips FB825 - 3-way speaker system

Standard price 125,000 yen - one unit (excluding tax)
Delicate and extended high frequency range. Versatile expressiveness that conveys the heart of the music.
A fusion of European musicality nurtured by history and Philips sound field creation technology. A 3-way system that achieves excellent total balance.
The system is attractive for its colourful tones, with a superb low frequency range and transparent high frequency range.
3-way 4-speaker system, sealed. Twin drive woofers provide a voluminous bass range.
Unique ISO PHASE tweeter for high frequencies. Equipped with a cone scorcher that covers all voice bands.
In-line placement for more accurate stereo imaging. High-quality parts used down to the smallest detail.

Philips FB821 - 3-way speaker system

Standard price 75,000 yen one unit (excluding tax)
Outstanding total balance. Made in Europe for sound.
The latest model, highly acclaimed by European music fans. The beautiful stereo image, not to mention the extended and delicate high frequency range, is a vivid result of Philips' continuous search for the ideal sound field.
3-way speaker system sealed. Twin drive woofers reproduce massive bass frequencies with plenty of room to spare.
Voiceband midrange for realistic music reproduction. In-line positioning of all units for accurate stereo image reproduction.
High-precision units and parts, including the unique ISO PHASE tweeter.

Philips FB815 - 3-way speaker system

Standard price 50,000 yen - one unit (excluding tax)
Clear sound. The familiar Philips of the all-rounders.
Bright tone that can be used with any music source, while retaining the traditional European sound that vividly captures the contours of the music. Vocals are more lustrous, percussive sound is clearer. European-born tallboy. 3-way 3-speaker sealed system. Voiceband midrange for realistic, distortion-free reproduction of mid and high frequencies.
In-line placement of all units for accurate stereo imaging. Banana-plug compatible terminals. High-quality network parts.
Speaker stands are optional (Philips FV815, standard price 30,000 yen, pair of 2, tax not included).