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The front drawer loading is convenient, and the competitively-priced Marantz CD-73 has many other convenient features too... like 15-item programming, random access function, forward track skip and repeat.

Pause, fast search forward or backward, music track indication and next track are other facilities offered by this superbly-engineered CD player. Digital filtering ensures outstanding sound quality, and an optional remote control unit is available for even greater operational convenience.

Marantz CD73 advertisement November 1984

"Price for price I don't think that as of now this player can be bettered. Strongly recommended"
(Reviewed when the selling price was £379!)

The treble register is finely detailed with a believable string tone, and great delicacy where appropriate; altogether superior to analogue disc".
HI-FI FOR PLEASURE - October 1982
(Reviewing the forerunner of the Marantz CD-73 Compact Disc Player)

Philips CD101

From Philips, originators of the Compact Disc system, comes the smallest and most advanced player design; suitable for connection to any Hi-Fi system, and ideal as a midi component or free-standing unit.

You get pure, perfect sound forever, thanks to the Philips CD-101's laser pick-up with non-polarising, interference-free beam, high stability digital-to-analogue converter, and digital audio signal filtering.

Soft muting ensures increased concealment of drop-outs and smoother switching of operating controls, and single stage servo trackingkeeps the laser exactly on track by automatic adjustment of one single control variable.

Maximum ease of operation, convenient multi-mode programming, direct access to any music track - the Philips CD-101 brings you all these, and the incredibly accurate Compact Disc sound quality. COMET PRICE £284.90 inc. VAT