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What have our engineers done to make the Marantz CD65 such a security risk? Essentially they've taken apart an already outstanding 16 bit 4 times oversampling Compact Disc player, added a number of custom built components to significantly improve the sound quality.

The capacitors in the power supplies, the decoupling capacitors in the audio output stage and the audio output capacitors have been replaced with sonically selected ceramic damped electrolytics.

Marantz CD65 advertisement September 1986

The capacitors in the Bessel filter have been changed to damped Copper Styrol. Copper screws are now used to substantially reduce electromagnetic distortion.

Yet, in spite of all these sonic improvements you still have direct access to 99 tracks. You also have random access memory for up to 20 tracks at the softest touch of a button.

The cost for such an invaluable addition to your home? £349. The question is: will the security system you currently have be equipped to handle it?