In 1983, Philips marked a milestone in the history of the compact disc by presenting the visiting press with a CD that was not just a demonstration of the technology, but also a symbol of the company's progress and achievements. The CD's booklet included data on sales, operating income, profits, and assets, all presented in guilders, and gave a forecast for the year 1983. The CD itself was the same "Pure Perfect Sound Of Philips Compact Disc" CD that was included in the Compact Disc Users Pack, which was distributed with the Philips CD100 and CD200 players.

This unique and innovative use of the compact disc technology was a testament to Philips' commitment to being at the forefront of the digital audio revolution. The accompanying photo of the CD is a powerful reminder of this moment in history and the company's pioneering role in the development of the compact disc.

Philips annual report 1983 compact disc

The CD booklet:

Philips in 1982

Turnover: f 42991 million
increase in %: 1

Operating profit: f 2130 million
as % of turnover: 5,0

Profit before tax: f 848 million
as % of turnover: 2,0

Profit after tax: f 472 million
as % of turnover: 1,1

Net profit: f 433 million
in % equity: 3,4
per share: f 2.38

Total equity: f 43295 million

Employees: 336200
of whom in the Netherlands: 73000

Forecast for 1983

There is much uncertainty about the development of the world economy. Nevertheless, we expect a gradual recovery in 1983. White on that, we expect volume growth in sales to be slightly higher than in 1982.

However, this growth will once again fall well short of the increase in productivity needed to improve profitability.

Partly because the restructuring process has not yet been completed and other measures are also needed to achieve further cost control, the number of jobs will therefore have to be significantly reduced again.

For further rationalisation and continuous renewal of products and production processes, we will also make large investments in 1983. The corresponding white costs will slightly exceed the depreciations.

Partly on the basis of the development of the general level of interest rates, the financing costs are likely to decrease further. In the picture we envisage for 1983, the results on our operations will continue to improve.

Philips Compact Disc

Philips Compact Disc represents and breakthrough in sound reproduction technology. Making use of digital and optical Europe, the Compact Disc achieves a quality of sound reproduction that is in no way different from the original studio recording.

The Compact Disc

The recording is transmitted through millions of "pits" in digital form on the disc. A transparent protective layer is then applied, protecting the recording. Wear and tear of the record is thus excluded.

The Compact Disc Player

In the Compact Disc Player, a laser beam off the 'pits'. This information is translated into sound via digital technology. This achieves a level of quality never before achieved - a level that, moreover, can never regress in quality. Philips offers the only three different Compact Disc players. All three feature versatile programming capabilities, allowing the user can play the record in any desired recording order.

Moreover, Philips subsidiary Phonogram guarantees a still growing stock of records in every genre. Philips Compact Disc is the biggest news in sound reproduction since the advent of the gramophone record. And more is on the way. There are already advanced plans to make Compact Disc also suitable for use in cars and portable devices. What you have in your hands now has marked the beginning of a new era in sound reproduction - the era of Philips Compact Disc.

The use of the Compact Disc

Hold the record bi the edge as shown and place it back in the protective case after use. If the disc is dirty, it can be wiped clean with a soft dry cloth. Rub in one direction, from the centre to the edge. Do not use cleaning fluid. If you follow these instructions, Compact Disc will provide you with a lifetime of pure, untouched sound.

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