This is a PDF scan of the Philips 1987-1988 brochure with in total 32 pages in German language.

The brochure includes model descriptions, technical data and a lot a nice juice photo's. See below for a list.

The price for this PDF brochure is 5 euro.

Marantz 1989 Dutch brochure

Models listed in this brochure:

  • Philips CD960
  • Philips CD670
  • Philips DA960
  • Philips FA960
  • Philips FA860
  • Philips FA569
  • Philips FA568
  • Philips FA564
  • Philips FT565
  • Philips FT564
  • Philips FP575
  • Philips FC567
  • Philips FC566
  • Philips FC565
  • Philips FB565
  • Philips FB563