Introducing the 1987-1988 Philips brochure in PDF format, fully scanned and ready for you to explore. This comprehensive brochure is comprised of 32 pages in the German language, making it the perfect resource for anyone interested in the products and technology of Philips during that time period.

Inside, you'll find detailed model descriptions and technical data, as well as an abundance of captivating images that truly bring the products to life. From the latest in cutting-edge technology to eye-catching designs, this brochure is a must-have for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the world of Philips.

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Marantz 1989 Dutch brochure

Models listed in this brochure:

  • Philips CD960
  • Philips CD670
  • Philips DA960
  • Philips FA960
  • Philips FA860
  • Philips FA569
  • Philips FA568
  • Philips FA564
  • Philips FT565
  • Philips FT564
  • Philips FP575
  • Philips FC567
  • Philips FC566
  • Philips FC565
  • Philips FB565
  • Philips FB563