Rarities / prototypes

Philips and Marantz has produced some very interesting prototypes during the years. Some were shown at hifi shows to demonstrate the latest techniques. In this section some prototypes/rarities will be shown.

If you have information and/or photos of Marantz/Philips prototypes, please contact us.

I am looking for information about this Philips cdplayer.

It looks like a 2-box version of the Philips LHH-2000, with seperated transport and d/a board. It looks like it has an on/off button at the front (the Philips LHH-2000 has an on/off switch at the back) and an eject button on top. Where the Philips LHH-2000 has no drawer, this player does. That could mean it has an other transport, but i am not sure.

If anyone has any information on this cdplayer, please contact us. Thanks!!

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These are pictures of a Philips cdplayer prototype which Philips showed at the Funkausstellung at Berlin in 1984.

This is pictures of a Philips dcc portable, the Philips DCC-180. It was pictures in a danish Philips DCC brochure from 1995.
Has anyone ever seen this portable? Please contact us.

Marantz DCC recorder prototype

This Marantz DCC recorder prototype was shown at the German IFA at Berlin in 1991. It looks like it was based on the Philips DCC850, a DCC recorder prototype from Philips.

Unknow Philips prototype

I came across a photo of an unknow Philips prototype.
Andrew Demery explains what it is.

Philips cdplayer prototypes

These are pictures of Philips cdplayer prototypes. They never went on the market. Perhaps they did not even work, but they are very interesting, and rare:

The pictures of these cd prototypes come from this brochure.

This is Pieter Kramer who is holding another early cd prototype. This prototype currently is at the Philips museum (picture below)

This early prototype looks like the cdplayer Pieter Kramer is holding in the picture above.

Marantz CD90

This Marantz CD90 was shown at a audio fair in 1991. It supposedly meant to be the new top-of-the line cdplayer. It uses Bitstream conversion.

It looks very similar to the Marantz CD11 (LE/mkII), but it has a different drawer, display and control buttons.

On the picture at the right it shows Ken Ishiwata standing next to the prototype.

Philips SCD2000 multichannel SACD prototype

This machine is the Philips SCD2000. It is a multichannel SACD prototype which was built to demonstrate the new multichannel SACD format at hifi fairs.

Philips first made a 2-box prototype which did not have the looks to attract hifi-enthoustiacs. It was based on the Philips DVD930.
Therefor Philips asked Marantz to build a sexier-looking cabinet. The result is this good looking machine.

Only 2 SCD2000's are build. It has 3 power transformers and 3 tda1547's. The transport is a VAM3000, the display is the same as the display on the Philips DVD960 and Philips DVD930.

At power-on it starts a self-diagnostic program. The SCD2000 is very heavy, it weights 18kg. It does have a remote control, but it has been lost. The IR-codes are different from the usual Philips/Marantz IR-codes, they did not want the machine to be controlled with every remote control on the fairs to prevent unwelcome commands from a stand near-by.

2 pictures of the Philips SCD2000 at the CES2000 in Las Vegas:


The first Philips SCD2000 2-box prototype:

Home-made pictures:

More pictures/info of the Philips SCD2000

Philips DAT880 prototype

This is the Philips DAT880. It is a prototype DAT recorder. Philips built 100 DAT880's in the late 80's. At the time, developers and engineers who worked at Philips got one to test at home. It is unknow how many still excist today.

Philips canceled the development at the Philips DAT880 because it wanted to focus at the development of the Digital Compact Cassette DCC. Supposedly Marantz did bring it on the market, the Marantz DT84.

If anyone has any info on the Philips DAT880 or Marantz DT84, please contact us.

Home-made pictures:

More pictures/info of the Philips DAT880

Philips & Marantz SACD prototypes

These are pictures of 2 Philips/Marantz prototypes, taken from the CES in 1999.

The first picture shows a Marantz SACD prototype, which looks like a rebadged Sony SCD-1. The second picture shows a Philips SACD player prototype which looks like a Marantz CD14.

If you have any info on these prototypes, please contact us. Marantz SACD prototype:

Philips SACD prototype: