Philips 1987 1988 German brochure PDF

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Philips 1987 1988 German brochure PDF

Number of pages: 32

Language: German

Type: Digital scan (PDF)

Delivery method: Download through email

Pricelist included: Yes

Technical data: No

Price: 5 euro


Models in brochure: Philips CD960 cdplayer
Philips DAC960 DA converter
Philips CD670 cdplayer
Philips FA960 amplifier
Philips FA860 amplifier
Philips FA569 AV receiver
Philips FA568 amplifier
Philips FA564 amplifier
Philips FT565 tuner
Philips FT564 tuner
Philips FC567 cassette recorder
Philips FC566 cassette recorder
Philips FC565 cassette recorder
Philips FP575 turntable
Philips FB565 speaker
Philips FB563 speaker