The Marantz Music Link series was designed with a specific goal in mind: To provide absolutetly state-of-the-art-sonic performance in a rarely seen design package noted for both its advanced construction and its understated beauty. Judging from highly positive reactions to the Marantz Music Link Series by audiophiles both internationally and on American shores, Marantz has achieved their goal.

The Marantz Music Link Series consists of the Marantz SC-22 active line-stage control amplifier, the Marantz PH-22 phono preamplifier, and the Marantz MA-22 and Marantz MA-24 mono-block amplifiers. The Marantz SC-22 control amplifier and optional Marantz PH-22 phono amplifier are designed to serve as the "front-end" of the Music Link audiophile system. Users can choose between the 50-watt Marantz MA-22 Class AB mono power amp, or the 30-watt Class A mono Marantz MA-24.

Marantz Music Link Series:

Marantz MA-24 power amplifier
Marantz MA-22 power amplifier
Marantz SC-22 controller
Marantz PH-22 phono amplifier
Marantz CD-23 cdplayer