Marantz SA-12Sl Multi Channel SACD / DVD player
The Premium Series SA-12S1 multi—channel SACD/DVD player represents the ultimate extension of the Super Audio CD format. To achieve its astonishing new level of fidelity and realism, the SA-12S1 is based upon Direct Stream Digital (DSD) technology to ensure the highest quality in digital to analog conversion. You'll experience wide dynamic range, ultra-high resolution and detail far beyond any other digital audio playback format. In addition to multi-channel and tvvo-channel SACD playback, the Marantz SA-1251 is compatible with Dolby Digital and DTS—encoded DVD-Video discs, conventional CDs, CD-R, CD—RW and Video CD discs. The versatility of optimized audio quality and DVD—video make the SA-1251 the ideal choice for the most sophisticated home entertainment connoisseurs.

Multi—channel SACD playback
3 x Crystal CS4397 DAC
DVD-Video playback
Dolby Digital and DTS decoding
Toroidal power transformer

- Realistic sound reproduction using 5 loudspeakers and optional subwoofer
- Top—end multi system D/A convertor incorporates DSD conversion as well as PCM conversion
- Full compatibility with DVD-Video format
- On—board decoding of Dolby Digital and DTS audio information
- Ultra low vibration and leakage flux keep the signal sharp and minimises inrernal electro magnatic distortion
- High slew rate and superb dynamics characterise the unique Marantz HDAM amplifier stages

Technological glossary:
The best of multiple Formats
Good CD and SACD sound quality has been an important requirement For the SA—l2 From the very beginning of the development. The audio circuits performs to exceptional high standards. using only special selected components. Each channel of- the six channels in total has it`s own highly rewarded Crystal CS4397 D/A convertor that takes care of top—end quality in the audio conversion. To minimise internal noise and high frequency distortion, the SAl2 Features the possibility of switching off- the video circuit and display circuit when playing SACD. The Marantz SAl2 is also a Fully equipped high quality DVD player. playing DVD-Video discs as well as Video CD. Decoding of Dolby Digital and DTS is all done on—board and of course the same high quality DAC`s take care of perfect conversion.

Multi—channel SACD playback
Enjoy the fabulous world of Multi channel audio! Finally you can have the incredible live-experience in your home as it was in real. Not only the total ambiance is reproduced, but also the `sound° ofthe instruments is being preserved. SACD is based upon the DSD conversion principle that links excellent specification like a frequency range of 100 kHz and a dynamic range of 120 dB, to superb sound quality. It adds essential resolution and detailing to the Multi channel audio setup, necessary for corrolation between front and rear channels. This combination of top-end audio performance and Multi—channel sound will give you a sensation that will change the way you experience music. Dolby Digital decoding High quality "auditorium" sound in the home, that's what`s offered by Dolby Digital! The Dolby Digital or AC·3 audio information, is mixed by the Film studio and is added to the video information as compressed digital information. Cinemas all over the world are supporting the system and the Dolby Digital audio information is added to the DVD—format as standard. The format offers 5 fully independent high quality channels and the sixth channel subwoofer information is provided.

DTS decoding
Apart from the Dolby Digital information, DVD software can also contain Digital Theater System (DTS) audio information. The compressed digital information offers five fully independent high quality channels together with a sixth subwoofer channel. DTS offers superb life experience and adds breathtaking effects to the film.

Current Conversion Noise Elimination
Continued research has revealed a new area of refinement: the power supply noise. Marantz has developed the Current Conversion Noise Elimination (CCNE), which improves the mid-band to high frequency signals, through a clear elimination of high frequency distortion in the amplifier output. This offers the listener a sweeter sound with improved high frequency definition

Audio devices are usually equipped with Op—Amps (operational amplifiers) for which Integrated Circuit (IC) are commonly used. Unfortunately these IC°s do not match the very high requirements of Marantz. Marantz developed it's own discrete circuit boards to replace the IC's. These HDAM`s consists of discrete surface mount components with short mirror image Lf R signal paths. These devices are doing exactly the same thing as the Op-Amps, but outperform the regular IC Op-amps dramatically in terms of the Slew Rate, resulting in a much more dynamic, accurate and detailed sound.

Ultra—low-jitter master clock
The SA-l2 is one of the very few multi-format players where the Audio Clock is the master clock of the entire system. Most DVD-V capable players use the video clock as the master system clock and derive the audio clock via a jittering PLL. The player uses an ultra-low-jitter clock circuit which has been developed in cooperation with prestigious research labs. The audio clock jitter of the SA—l2 in SACD and CD mode is so low that it can only be measured with specialy developed measuring tools at only a few specialised research labs in the world. Multi-layer circuitboards The printed circuit board of the audio circuits uses multilayer technology for optimal surpression of RF interference. Fully copper sheets as part of the layer stucture of the circuit board provides perfect shielding.

Toroidal power transformer
The power supply of the audio output stages is completely separated from the power supplies of the transport and digital electronics. This supply also uses not only a toroidal power transformer for low radiation and high efficiency but also incorporates highly respected ELNA's electrolytic capacitors

Customised components
Every Marantz product is designed with a fine ear and eye for details. The designers have to know the characteristics of every component. On paper the component might look excellent but the result may fall short of the combined design expectations. Therefore Marantz collects vast amounts of information upon specifics component performance capabilities. Marantz selects the appropriate components for the specific design application. The sonic result is then critically acclaimed by international reviewers. In other cases it`s simply not possible to use standard components that meet the high Marantz standards. These components will then be specially made for Marantz only in co-operation with the Marantz engineers.

Video DAC: 27mHz/-Bit
Audio DAC: DSD
Audio DAC: IC 3x CS4397
Digital Audio Frequency Response: 4Hz - 100kHz (SACD)
S/N Ratio: 100dB
Dynamic Range: l00dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 0,0016%

Color: Gold
Front Panel: Metal
Remote control: RC-12SA
Power consumption: 35 Watts