PS-17 AV Digital Surround Amplifier

The PS-17 A/V amplifier takes Surround Sound and stereo reproduction to unparalleled new heights. Its twin monaural current-feedback power amplifier with Marantz HDAMs is simply exceptional, and drives even the most difficult speakers thanks to massive reserves of energy from the low·impedance power supply. Featuring eighvchannel pre»outs and six-channel analogue inputs for an external decoder, it`s compatible with SACD and DVD-A. DTS/Dolby Digital, Dolby Prolsogic and an incredible multi-channel Dolby headphone feature are all on board. Quality is further enhanced by toroidal transformers. a separate power transformer for the digital circuit and WBT speaker terminals.

- Dolby Digital
- DTS ES compatible
- Versatile DSP Function
- 5.1 Channel input
- SRS Circle Surround
- Dolby Headphone

Benefits: - World's most used encryption system for multi channel audio. Superb audible soundstages and close to real effects
- High quality format using low audio compression for perfect multi channel soundstage and now with even more derailled surround back sound stage
- Multi channel sotind stages using from 2 channels make listening to CD or radio to a new live experience
- Direct connection of analogue feeds to allow connection of multi channel formats like SACD
- A 5.1-Surround sound mode using only two speakers designed by thc SRS labs
- Surprising Multi channel surround effect using a normal headphone

Technological glossary:

Revolutionary AV system
If you`re looking for the best stereo performance, combined with superb AV Surround Sound, then you will find the PS·17 the ultimate match. The PS-17 AV amplifier offers a 6 channel pre-amplifier and 6 channel direct analogue input to match new high quality audio formats like SACD and DVD-A. It has Dolby Digital and DTS decoders on board and the increadible Dolby Headphone feature. providing Multi Channel sound only using a normal headphone, make the PS-17 to one of the most sophisticated AV amplifier on the market.The PS·17 has a 2 channel power amplifier with exactly the same design as the SM17 power amplifier, Extending d1ePS-17 with the minimum of 2 SM-17 power amplifiers make this to a revolutionary sounding AV system. Ultimate AV and high audio are now combined in one increadible system.

DTS ES Matrix
Apart from the Dolby Digital information, DVD software can also contain Digital Theater System (DTS) audio information. Based upon the DTS system. this new DTS ES system offers an additional centre back channel. The compressed digital DTS information contains five fully discrete high quality channels together with a subwoofer channel while the centre back channel is derived from the surround back channels. DTS offers superb close to live experience and adds breathtaking effects to the film.

Dolby Pro Logic II
Dolby Pro Logic is capable of producing a Multi Channel soundstage using only a two channel source. meaning that normal TV broadcast can only be decoded using this decoding technique. Now the standard is being successed by the Dolby Pro Logic Il format. offering the full frequency range accross all channels and even with a stereo soundfield on the surround speakers. This new experience of two channel decoding adds a whole new and more realistic element to watching TV and is fully compatible with the Dolby Pro Logic standard.

Dolby Headphone
The Marantz PS·l7 is world`s first AV-amplifier to support the Dolby Headphone feature. By using a normal headphone. the amplifier allows you to enjoy the full richness of AV Surround Sound.

SRS Circle Surronmd (CS 5.1)
SRS 'Technologies developed `Circle Surround`, a multi-channel encoding and decoding technology designed to encode five discrete channels into two channels with the same space required on the disc as for stereo. Marantz receivers supporting this technology decode the two channels back into five discrete channels for playback over the home theater speaker system. In addition to the five channels for surround sound playback. there is also a low frequency output for the operation of a subwoofer.

5.1 channel input
To allow the connection ofa separate digital multi-channel decoder, the PS·17 has an $.1 input ofwhich each channel is completely independent. This input is connected to the power amplifiers with only volume control in between. Future technologies can therefor be easily incorporated and this makes this AV amplifier future proof

Versatile DSP function
Apart from the defined surround formats, the AV amplifier enables several multi channel soundstages to choose from. The powerfull Crystal CS49326 Digital Soundheld Processor emulates realistic accoustic situations while using a two channel source.

Dolby Digital
High quality Cinema Sound in your living room, that`s what's offered by Dolby Digital! The soundmix of Dolby Digital (also called AC-3) audio information is done by the film industry and is added to the video information in compressed digital format. Cinemas all over the world are supporting the system and the Dolby Digital audio information is selected as the default system to the DVD-format. By using Matrix calculation, the receiver creates a Centre Back channel out of the 5.1 digital information to come to a 6.1 system.

Audio devices are usually equipped with Op-Amps (operational amplifiers) for which Integrated Circuit (IC) are commonly used. Unfortunately these IC's do not match the very high requirements of Marantz, Marantz developed it`s own discrete circuit boards to replace the ICs. These HDAM`s consists of discrete surface mount components with short mirror image L/R signal paths. These devices are doing exactly the same thing as the Op-Amps. Outperform the regular IC Op—amps dramatically in terms of the Slew Rate, resulting in a much more dynamic, accurate and detailed sound.

Linear Drive Power Supply (LDPS)
Marantz Linear Drive Power Supply (LDPS) makes sure that there will always be enough power available to drive the speakers even with the very highest dynamics. The LDPS also enables the amplifier to drive difficult speaker loads.

D.Bus & Learnable remote control
To optimize equipment in terms of ease of use, Marantz has designed the D.Bus system. Individual devices inform each other in order to automatically tune to the customers demands. Also received remote control commands are communicatetl via this bus. This enables equipment without lR·rcceiver, like a cassettedeck or tuner, to be controlled via a Marantz Remote control. The PS—l7 comes with a learnable remote control to fully control every Marantz component in the system. This system remote control however offers even more. In order to have maximum control flexibility the remote is also used to control noneMarantz components in the system. The remote control is namely equipped with a learning capacity and can adapt remote control commands from other brands, To have the possibility to learn commands from a wide range of brands the remote has a very broad learning frequency and extensive memory.


Power Ourpur (8 Ohms RMS): 60 Watts
Signal to Noise: 112 dB
Freq. Rupanse (Analog In. +/- 3 dB): 5 - 100 kHz
Freq, Response (Dig In. +/- 3 dB) 8 - 45 kHz
Input Sensitivity: 195 mV 47 kohm

Color: Gold
Front Panel: Metal
System remote control: Pre-Programmed & Learnable
Remote control: RC-17PS
Power Consumption 180W
Detachable Power Cable
Maximum Dimensions (WxHxD): 458xl66x49lmm
Weight: 19.0 kg